Monday, 2 January 2017

The Boss (2016)

Title - The Boss

Year of release - 2016

Genre - Comedy

Length - 1 hour 39 minutes

Rating - 15

Director - Ben Falcone

Writer(s) - Ben Falcone, Steve Mallorey & Melissa McCarthy

Who is in it? - Melissa McCarthy as Michelle Darnell, Peter Dinklage as Renault, Kristen Bell as Claire, Kathy Bates as Ida Marquette & Ella Anderson as Rachel to name a few

What's it about? - Michelle Darnell starts out life in an orphanage, being rejected by family after family until she has had enough and decides she is going to the top. Many years later and Michelle is the owner of a massive company and is financially stable, until she gets arrested for insider trading. Her assistant and body guard go back to other jobs in the meantime. After her time in prison is up Michelle discovers she has no where to go, no property to live in, no money to spend. She ends up waiting for Claire and is taken in. Time goes by where Michelle just sits around all day not doing a lot until Claire gives her a kick up the behind to get her going. 

Michelle takes Rachel to a girl guide type meeting and there she comes up with the idea of not selling cookies but creating a troop that would sell brownies, Claire's tasty brownies. Michelle spots Claire talking with Renault and after a short row she sells the company much to Ida's joy. But then Michelle is struck by guilt, she wants to get the company back and make it all better. Michelle along with Claire and her boyfriend go into battle against Renault to destroy the contract she signed giving the company to Renault.

Is it any good? - Despite reviews I read about this film, I really enjoyed it. It is a comedy that delivers the laughs and gags. 

Why should I watch it? - If you fancy a good laugh and want to be amused for over and hour and a half then watch it.

How do you rate it overall? - 8/10

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Jude Law - Top 5 Roles

Here are my top 5 roles played by Jude Law -

1 - Dr John Watson in Sherlock

2 - Alfie in Alfie

3 - Errol Flynn in The Aviator

4 - Dom Hemingway in Dom Hemingway

5 - Karenin in Anna Karenina

Monday, 28 December 2015

Denzel Washington - Top 5 Roles

As today is Denzel Washingtons birthday here are my top 5 picks from the numerous roles he has played -

1 - Detective Alonso Harris in Training Day

2 - Doug Carlin in Deja Vu

3 - Frank Lucas in American Gangster

4 - Licoln Rhyme in The Bone Collector

5 - Johyn W. Creasey in Man on Fire

Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2015)

The Man From U.N.C.L.E (2015), starring Henry Cavill as Solo, Armie Hammer as Illya, Alicia Vikander as Gaby and Elizabeth Debicki as Victoria is a film following the teaming up of a CIA agent (Solo) and an officer of the KGB (Illya), a match made in heaven. The pair unwilling go along with this operation along with Gaby, with their own orders to stop the criminals from getting their hands on nuclear weapons and destroying the world as well as being ordered to kill the other if they double cross the other. Sounds like a typical storyline, which to be honest it is. Written by Guy Ritchie, Lionel Wigram, Jeff Kleeman and David Wilson, the story is boring with the occasional laugh and the action is lacking in proper acting. This film is poorly acted, badly written and terribly directed by Guy Ritchie. This film is nearly two hours of your life you cannot get back.

SofaWatch rating - 3/10

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Waterworld (1995)

Title - Waterworld

Year of release - 1995

Genre - Action/Adventure

Length - 135 minutes

Rating - 12

Director - Kevin Reynolds

Writer(s) - Peter Rader and David Twohy

Who is in it? - Kevin Costner as Mariner, Jeanne Tripplehorn as Helen, Tina Majorino as Enola, Dennis Hopper as Deacon and Gerard Murphy as Nord to name a few

What's it about? - The world in the future sees a world covered in water with no land in sight. The polar ice caps have melted and the remaining population have had to find other ways and means to adapt and survive in their new surroundings. The story follows one man Mainer (Costner) who sails his way into a sea town and finds himself an outcast as he has webbed feet and gills behind his ears. Under attack from smokers lead by Deacon (Hopper), Mariner manages to escape with the help of Helen (Tripplehorn) and Enola (Majorino).

The reason for the attack, the smokers are after Enola as she has a tattoo on her back which is supposedly a map to Dryland. However no one has been there and no one really knows if this mysterious place actually exists. Mariner, Helen and Enola embark on a voyage to find Dryland, however several attacks are made by the smokers and Enola is kidnapped by Deacon. Can Mariner save Enola and help lead the unlikely group to the safety of Dryland.

Is it any good? - For the time it was made this film is brilliant, has great action and a decent story. The explosions and effects are great.

Why should I watch it? - If you have not seen Waterworld yet then you are missing out on a classic film.

How do you rate it overall? - 8/10