Sunday, 20 March 2011

Batman Heroes

With more and more news of who is in and who they will be in the dark knight rises i thought i would look at the batman characters who have been in the films.

Batman/Bruce Wayne

Michael Keaton star of the two Tim Burton batman films Batman and Batman Returns.

Val Kilmer star of Batman Forever.

George Clooney star of Batman and Robin.

Christian Bale star of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises.

All of these are great actors but there is only one who really stands out as an outstanding Batman Christian Bale.

Now a look at other characters who aid Batman.

Commissioner James Gordon played by Pat Hingle and Gary Oldman this character is Batman connection to the police depart.

Alfred Played by the late Michael Gough and later by Michael Caine this is Bruce's trusted butler.

Robin played by Chris O'Donnell, Robin helped kill off the original franchise.

Lucius Fox played by Morgan Freeman only intuduces in the films one Christopher Nolan got involded he looks after Bruce's business and helps with the gadgets for Batman.


  1. My top Batman would be Val Kilmer.

  2. i only picked Christian Bale batman as the first four films batman is already known and we see the origin of the villian but newer ones its the origin of batman and villians already known

  3. very true, I did notice the last film we learnt more about batman than we have done previous

  4. Superman would kick his ass ;) - I have a continuing argument with my brothers about whos the best - Superman or Batman.

  5. You can't compare batman and superman as one is a human disguised as a human while the other is a human disguised as a super hero, but if they did go one on one superman would win as he has super power not face gadgets lol