Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Batman Villains

With all the talk about which villain Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play lets looks back at formal villains we have enjoyed watching and the ones we couldn't wait to get theirs.

  • First up the most well known The Joker first played by jack Nicholson in Batman 1989 we see how the criminal Jack Napler turned into the crazed joker, Jack gave us the best of the first four movies Batman villains only for Heath Ledger to blow him out the water with is Oscar winning performance in the Dark Knight. It is arguable that this in one of the best villain performance of all cinema history.

  • Next is the Penguin played by Danny Devito this guy is all about revenge on the world that abandoned him he is bad news but with his army of penguins he just isn't really much of a problem for Batman, played well but just not really that believable.

  • Also in Batman Returns we get Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer she is the under appreciated employee who just snaps after nearly being killed by her boss, she is a mix bag really because she seems to be a focused villain only going after certain people rather than just setting out to create chaos. Catwoman will also be one of the villains in the upcoming Dark Knight Rises lets see what Anne Hathaway can do with this character.

  • Moving on to Batman Forever we have The Riddler an employee who tries his own invention on himself only for it to backfire creating a way to collect information from peoples minds, this character is perfect for Jim Carrey to be playing with his over the top expressions create a villain just about over the edge. The Riddler was one of the names rumoured for Dark Knight Rises but has been shot down maybe for a later date.

  • also in this film we meet Harvey Dent better known as Two face the former district attorney who get burnt on half his face and goes crazy well that is what Tommy Lee Jones portray tells us and becomes obsessed with money, while Aaron Eckhart gave us a better performance and meaning to his character setting him on revenge mission against those who killed Rachel and tried to kill him only for the Batman to get his first kill stopping him.

  • Going onto Batman and Robin yes unfortunately we have too i will make it quick. first Mr Freeze played by Arnold Schwarenegger he is a doctor who is stealing diamonds to cure his terminally ill frozen wife he isn't so much your normal villain as he will do anything to save his wife which leads to his criminal action.

  • Also we have Poison Ivy played by Uma Thurman a scientist who experiment goes wrong leading her to gain the ability to use plants to her advantage she also frees another villain who was very wrongly used in Bane who was just muscle in this, hopeful Tom Hardy will be able to use this and create something worthwhile watching in the dark knight rises.

  • Going onto Batman Begins we have Ra's Al ghul the man who trained batman only to come to Gotham to eliminate all the crime in one swift wave.

  • Finally my favourite villain, Scarecrow play by Cillian Murphy, The scarecrow is a doctor who using his powder to make the patients lose their minds and it is his plan to put his powder into the sewers of Gotham only for the sewers to release it into the atmosphere making everyone lose their minds. with a small cameo in the dark knight he is a well liked villain that was played perfectly to put the scare in scarecrow.

Feel Free to Comment on your favourite villains.

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