Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Top Five Comic Book Movies

After my recent reviews of Thor and X-Men First Class i thought i would do my top five favourite comic book movies

  1. The Dark Knight (2008) With the stunning performance of Heath Ledger as the Joker this really is the best of the best in comic book movies

  2. The Watchmen (2009) The anti heroes in an alternative reality a much dark world then we are used to and some brilliant created characters.

  3. Kickass (2010) This one throws everything we have learned from superhero movies back in our faces with normal people who turn to superheroesism and the fowl mouthed twelve year old.

  4. Sin City (2005) Three short stories that cross over in this very over the top action and gory movie filled with stars and strong performances.

  5. X-men First Class (2011) following up the first four X-men movies we finally learn about the motives of Magneto and Xavier. top notch film.

a few more honorable mentions go to Batman Begins, 30Days of Night, Thor and V for Vendetta

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