Friday, 2 September 2011

The Chaperone (2011)

Director: Stephen Herek

Writer: S.J. Roth

Starring: Paul Levesque, Kevin Corrigan, Jose Zuniga, Kevin Rankin, Enrico Colantoni, Israel Brousard, Ariel Winter, Yeardley Smith

Story Recently released from jail Ray (Levesque) tries to get back into a father role to his daughter Sally (Winter) only to find her mother is now with a doctor and Sally hates him. He struggles to find a job on the outside when he gets offered a chance to be the Chaperone on a school trip with his daughter by Ms Miller (Smith).

Things start to go wrong for Ray when one of the old partners in crime Larue (Corrigan) offers him a job to make some money. Ray changes his mind during the job and leaves the thieves high and dry but the money ends up on the bus leading Larue and co to follow Ray to collect their money.

Can Ray keep the children under control and stay on the right side of the law returning the money Larue thinks he may have stolen, this action comedy will answer your questions.

Verdict This is a very simple formula for a movie which never really shines but isn't really boring its has a sort of Kindergarten Cop meets Home Alone on a school trip. It is one of those films that if its on you can watch and enjoy but not many people will go out their way to see it

Story Mark 7/10 Simple to follow with very few twists or shocks.

Action Mark 5/10 Few fight scenes but all rather dull as Levesque is bigger and stronger than all other characters

Comedy Mark 6/10 Goes with a lot of cheap jokes and slapstick like comedy between hero and villains

Star Performances Sally - rebellious daughter who doesn't know what to think of father comes off well for the future starlet

Favourite Character Nick - The bus driver reminded me of a real Otto from the Simpsons

Best Part Ray has a phone relationship with a radio therapist

Worst Part Listening to Lisa Simpson the whole movie in Ms Miller

Best Quote Goldy - 'I'm going to shot your old man then shot you in front of him'

Sally - 'That Makes no sense'

My Rating 62%

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