Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Postman (1997)

Director – Kevin Costner

Writer – David Brin & Eric Roth

Starring – Kevin Costner, Will Patton, Larenz Tate & Olivia Williams

Story – We have arrived in the year 2013. The United States of America are no longer united. A war has since passed and the civilization of the world has near enough destroyed itself. A lone wanderer (Costner) drifts along with his beloved donkey until he is captured by a savage militia led by the notorious General Bethlehem (Patton).

The drifter manages to escape and by chance falls upon a Jeep. Inside this Jeep he finds a skeleton donning a postmans outfit. Desperate for dry clothes he takes the uniform and mailbag. He goes from town to town delivering the mail in an elaborate con to gain food and shelter. Soon though the postal service is revived and the legend of the postman ensues.

Bethlehem is determined to put a stop to the revolution caused by the postman. In reply the postman rallies support and takes on the general in a bid for leadership of the militia. A fight that could turn civilization back to the ways of old.

Verdict – A brilliant epic tale of one man's quest to put the right back into the world that has long since gone. A must watch for everyone. I now rate this film in my top 5 all time favourite films.

Story Mark 10/10 As above this is an epic tale.

Action Mark 10/10 Plenty of action in different styles to be enjoyed by all.

Special Effects Mark 6/10 Not a lot of special effects are needed for this film.

Star Performance – Kevin Costner as The Postman for his amazing portrayal of a man with hope.

Favourite Characters – The Postman, Abby and Ford Lincoln Mercury

Best Part – When The Postman stops, turns back and full speed on his horse grabs a letter from a young boy. A heart felt moment.

Worst Part – When General Bethlehem orders a firing squad.

Best Quote – The Postman “It takes one postman to make someone else a postman.” Ford Lincoln Mercury “Sorta like vampires, huh?”

MY RATING - 10/10

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