Monday, 20 February 2012

16 Blocks (2006)

Director: Richard Donner

Writer: Richard Wenk

Starring: Bruce Willis, Mos Def & David Morse

Story: Jack Mosley (Willis) has passed his prime and isn't getting much younger or fitter. He is given the assignment of transporting a trumped up fast talking criminal from his police cell to the court house. The court is only 16 blocks away, a short distance for some but for this journey it becomes a suicide mission when Mosley discovers that the criminal is testifying against his colleagues in the force.

Mosley is now aware that the whole of the police department want this criminal dead. Will Mosley be loyal to his colleagues or will he go out of his way to protect the criminal. Never has 16 blocks seemed so far.

Verdict: A very enjoyably, fast paced film, exploring the world of what a cop would do when faced with protecting a criminal who is due to testify against his colleagues. The story line has you on edge with the adventure that is being portrayed. There is no lack of action and the adrenaline just keeps on pumping.

Cast: First class performances for Bruce Willis, Mos Def and David Morse help this film to be what it is. Director Richard Donner has done a fabulous job in putting this film together.

Bruce Willis (10/10)
Mos Def (10/10)

David Morse (8/10)

Director: Richard Donner (9/10)

Action: Plenty of great action to keep you on your toes 10/10

Thriller: A lot of suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat 8/10

Special Effects: Plenty of special effects in this film 9/10

Music: The music for this film didn't compliment it so well but it the job 6/10

Recommended to: Anyone who is a Bruce Willis fan and anyone who loves a great action film

Favourite Quote: ‘You're driving in a hurricane and you see three people at a bus stop. One is an old lady and she's sick. One is your best friend and he saved your life. And the third is the lady of your dreams. Now check it out, you only have room for one in your car, which one do you take? ’

Trivia: Mos Def's character has the name "Edward Bunker". Edward Bunker is a real life criminal turned actor (thus proving that people can change, in line with the theme of the movie), who appeared in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs and in Runaway Train, which he also co-wrote. When he was sent to prison, Bunker was the youngest man there.

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My Rating 10/10

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