Wednesday, 8 February 2012

7 Seconds (2005)

Director: Simon Fellows

Writer: Martin Wheeler

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Tamzin Outhwaite and Deobia Oparei

Story: Jack Tulliver (Snipes) and his criminal crew have just pulled of a massive hesit on an armoured car. They get ambushed by a group of Romanians after they are tipped off by one of his crew. Tulliver escapes whilst the rest of his team are killed.

On his escape Tulliver hijacks the car of Sgt Kelly Anders (Outhwaite) and he makes his getaway. On this journey Anders is made aware of possible corruption and can no longer trust her colleagues in the army. The chase is on to get the merchandise out of the country......

Verdict: An interestingly boring film. It has action, well little of it and when it happens its very slow paced. The car chases are pretty dire, I think a load of grannies on mobility scooters could do a better job. Wesley Snipes portrays his character very well and a good performance form Tamzin Outhwaite were about the only pluses I could find.

The story line was mediocre and could have done with a bit, i mean a lot of tweaking to get it to the standard it really should of been. Directed by Simon Fellows who I have actually never heard of, and he has only done around three more films since this one. I wonder why.

Story Mark 2/10

Action Mark 5/10

Chemistry Mark 5/10

Special Effects Mark 4/10

Best Quote: "Places to go. People To Kill."


My rating 4/10

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