Monday, 5 March 2012

The Way Back (2010)

Director: Peter Weir
Writer: Peter Weir, Keith R. Clarke (Screenplay) based on the novel "The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom" by Slavomir Rawicz
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Saoirse Ronan and Colin Farrell
Story: A group of Siberian gulag prisoners escape to trek 4000 miles across harsh wilderness and terrains to freedom.
Verdict: After a 7 year hiatus, Peter Weir returns to the big screen and once again delivers a social commentary of the trials and tribulations a human being is willing to put himself through to reach a sense of peace and understanding.
Here, he tells the story of a group of prisoners holed up in a Siberian gulag during the Soviet regime in 1941. Desperate to escape the harsh environment in which they were living, our survivors escape to trek 4000 miles across harsh terrain and near impossible conditions, across the Himalayas, to safety in India.

Leading the weary group of survivors is a Polish prisoner turned in by his own wife portrayed brilliantly by Sturgess, Ed Harris gives a bravado performance as an American who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ronan improves on her already impressive CV with an understated role that holds her own against the bravado of the men characters. Farrell also delivers a solid display as a Russian murderer who reluctantly joins forces with the group, although his Russian accent is only just passable.
It is good to see Weir back to form after the disaster of Master & Commander and hopefully we don't need to wait nearly as long for a film this time around.
Story: (8/10)
Cast: (9/10
Director: (9/10)
Star Performance - Jim Sturgess' brilliant portrayal of a Polish survivor determined to see his family again.
Music: (7/10)
Cinematography: (10/10)
Landscapes: (10/10)
Suggestion: for fans of Weir's previous efforts, The Truman Show, Dead Poets Society. 
Best Part: The dilemma of whether to steer off course while trekking through the dessert to what may or may not be a mirage.
Worst Part: Farell's attempted Russian accent.
Favourite Quote:
Janusz: [eating snake] Tastes like chicken. 
Zoran: Yeah. A big black poisonous chicken with no legs. 
Trivia: Soairse Ronan celebrated her 16th Birthday on set of the film.
Similar Too: Into the Wild, The Way

Rating 88%


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