Sunday, 24 June 2012

2 Broke Girls Season One Part One Episodes 1-12 (TV)

I Recently started watching this show after i saw it was due for a second season. I wasn't really sure what to think going in as only new the basic outline.

The basic story is about a rich heiress Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs) who loses everything due to her father's actions. She ends up getting a job at a small Williamsburg Diner. The Diners main waitress is Max (Kat Dennings) a street wise woman who works two jobs to make ends meet. Max reluctantly takes Caroline in as she is now homeless, broke and unaware of the world she is now going to be entering.

Once Caroline discovers that Max makes cup cakes she wants to help Max start a business a small Bakery. The sitcom follows these two broke girls attempts to make enough money to start their business. The supporting cast include Diner owner Han lee (Matthew Moy), Ukrainian chief Oleg (Jonathan Kite) and old saxophone player Earl (Garrett Morris)

So far i have found this show rather funny I like the one line insultes back from Max, I also like the support cast as they only seem to have small one liners but usually work to good effect for a good laugh. Another thing I like is their total shown at the end of each episode.

Both actress are doing great in their clearly different ideas on life characters. I do hope this show continues to impress for the second half of the first season. I do think it is good seeing a comedy where there is a target rather than just wait for boy to meet girl.

First Half rating 9/10

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