Monday, 18 June 2012

Fear Itself 'Family Man' (TV)

This next Episode is about a  normal everyday man Dennis Mahoney (Colin Ferguson) who is married to Kathy (Josie Rebecca Davis) and they have two children Courtney (Nicole Ledur) and Sean (Gig Morton). The family go to church every Sunday and have a very happy life.

On the way to work one day Dennis is involved in a car crash leaving him in a hospital. During his time in the hospital he meets the spirit of the man he crashed with Richard Braughtigan (Clifton Collins Jr). When Dennis wakes up he finds himself in Richard body, leaving Richard in Dennis body. Richard is a serial killed nicknamed 'The Family Man'. Dennis has to plea that he isn't the Richard with little success while Richard tries to live a normal life.

Can Dennis escape which could be the death penalty and save his family from the serial killer before it is too late?

This suspense thriller can leave you on the edge of you seat waiting for what could happen and with its brilliantly created twist ending which you can see coming but still will leave you shocked. 

My Rating is 8/10

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