Sunday, 10 June 2012

Fear Itself 'Spooked' (TV)

The Following Fear Itself's are hour long horror stories.

First up from me is 'Spooked' this follows a former police officer turned private investigator Harry (Eric Roberts). Harry's usual job is finding out whether husbands or wives are cheating on their other halves.

His newest case in involves a woman called Meredith (Cynthia Watros) who has a belief that her husband is having an affair. Harry and his partner James (Larry Gilliard Jr.) set up to watch over the house, Harry in a house across the road, while James is down the street.

Ok this doesn't sound like its the scariest thing in the world or even scary at all right now. This is where things start to heat up after Harry believes he hears and sees something James doesn't he thinks it is just the drink talking. But is there a more supernatural goings on in the house.

Is Harry's past going to catch up with him, What secrets from his past haunt him so badly?

As short horrors go this is well worth a watch even if it is a little bit predictable. Eric Roberts gives a convincing performance as a scared private investigator.

My Episode Rating is 7/10

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