Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Actor Focus - Mila Kunis

Ukrainian born actress is one of the hottest properties in Hollywood today, but it has taken her time to make her impact.

Her first big role was in sitcom 'That 70s Show' staring in all 201 episodes as Jackie Burkhart.During her time in the show she did star in one of the most hated sequels made 'American Psycho 2' and got a big voice over role in 'Family Guy' providing the voice of Meg Griffin. 

Following That 70s show she landed some supporting roles in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' 'Max Payne' and 'The Book Of Eli' before her stunning performance in the brilliant 'Black Swan' giving her the first and hopeful many Golden Globe nominations. 

With the momentum behind her she got more comedy roles in 'Friends With benefits' and the new release 'Ted'.

With her star rising can she claim some much deserved awards in the future?

Newguy87's Top 3
  1. The Black Swan
  2. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  3.  The Book Eli
Worst - Max Payne

Englishozzy's Top 3

1 - Black Swan
2 - That 70's Show
3 - Friend's with Benefits

Worst - The Book of Eli

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