Friday, 6 July 2012

Actor Focus Sylvester Stallone

Today is Sylvester Stallone's birthday so I pick him for my Actor Focus.

This year he has the star studded Expendables 2 building on the cast of the previous mega action star film. If you look back at Stallone's career he has made some of the best and worst films of all time. He became the most motivated boxer to most extreme at the time soldier. One of my favourite guilty pleasure films is his supporting role film Death race 3000. 

He also stepped behind the camera to direct some of his own films.

The critics tend to slam him and it shows with his 19 years of Razzie nomination including the worst actor of the century in 2000 which he won, this is clearly an unfair award as he offers some enjoyable films that have re-watch value which is key in the films industry.

Newguy87's  Top 3

  1. Cliffhanger
  2. Demolition Man
  3. Death Race 3000
Worst Film Get Carter (Remake)

Ozzy's Top 3

  1. Rambo
  2. Rocky
  3. Demolition Man
Worst - Judge Dredd

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