Thursday, 5 July 2012

Actor Focus - Tom Cruise

After another week of turmoil that is the life of Tom Cruise, we here he is separating from his wife, Katie Holmes. With this unfortunately but possibly inevitable news, what better actor to kick off our brand new weekly edition of Actor Focus than with the biggest movie star on the planet.
Each week, our panel will list and discuss our three favourite/greatest films starring the nominated actor/actress/director which you are welcome to join in.

This week we host Tom Cruise, currently rocking out the box-office with Rock of Ages and after the success of the Mission Impossible reboot is one hot property back on the market (in and out of the movies). Cruise has enjoyed brilliant success in his career, only taking him 5 years to become one the highest paid actor's in the world. He has received an Academy Award nomination for his role in Jerry Maguire and continues to attract big movies such as the upcoming Jack Reacher movie.

My Top 3 films;

1. Minority Report
2. Rain Man
3. Mission Impossible

Worst - Magnolia

Newguy87's Top 3 Films

  1. Mission Impossible (all 4)
  2. Collateral
  3. Jerry Maguire 
Worst Loins For Lambs 

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