Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Alphas Season 2 Episode 1 'Wake Up Call'

8 months have pasted since the concluding events of season 1. After Dr. Rosen (David Strathairn) is now been put in a mental home by the government. The team has been taken apart with only Hicks (Warren Christie) and Bill (Malik Yoba) still working for the government. Gary (Ryan Cartwright) is working for the NSA but due to a altercation has been sent to Sector 7, while Rachel (Azita Ghanizada) has closed up and can't cope with her surroundings with Nina (Laura Mennell) going back to using her power to get what she wants.

After an attack on sector 7 leaving all the inmates free of their zombie stage. Dr Rosen get released to help resolve the situation. having all these powers in one place could become dangerous but Dr Rosen has dealt with all of these Alphas before.

Added into the mix his enemy Stanton Parish is still at large and all he wants is to use the powers against the government who tried to hold him back.

This is a good following to the events of the previous season, which could end up using a much more direct battle between good, bad and the scared.

My Rating 9/10

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