Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fear Itself ' Community' (TV)

This weeks episode was directed by American Psycho director Mary Harron. The story follows a young couple looking to settle down and start a family. Bobby (Brandon Routh) and Traci (Shiri Appleby) think they have found a dream community to move to full of friendly neighbours and good hearted people. 

After a party where one resident got a little too drunk Bobby tried to see him a few days later but things have changed his wife hides him and his overall character has completely changed. After reading the residents agreement in more detail they find out they have to have a baby on a certain date and the community and if they go against the agreement their friends and family will pay the price, can they escape before it is too late?

The build up in this story is beautifully constructed, but i feel the end was rushed a bit more than it needed to be leading to a twist that despite being good isn't as shocking as it should have been.

My rating 7/10

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