Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Actor Focus - Ben Affleck

With Ben celebrating his 40th birthday along with being linked to a justice league movie seems like a good idea to look at this roller-coaster ride through Hollywood.

As many people know Ben shared a dream with his best friend Matt Damon and the two of them wrote a script together, they want to make and star in the film but you can't just do that in Hollywood. So they both went to make some movie giving themselves names Ben went on working with Kevin Smith on Mallrats and Chasing Amy this was just a start of many collaborations. 

With a couple of films under his belt and along with Matt Damon they got their wish to make Good Will Hunting, Ben had a supporting role and both won an Oscar for Original Screenplay. Now two hot new stars have hit Hollywood, Ben went ou to make Armageddon along with Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thorton and Liv Tyler, and rejoining with Smith in Dogma.

Ben went on to take the lead role in Pearl Harbor, The Sum Of All Fears and Changing Lanes. This made him a big star and a big name, but his romance with Jennifer Lopez just happened to shadow his poor performing films and roles in Daredevil, Paycheck, Jersey Girl, Surviving Christmas and the slammed Gigll.

After a small break he took small films and small roles in Man About Town, Kevin Smith's Clerks 2 and Smokin' Aces, but mixed in there he did one of his best rated performances in Hollywoodland.

Ben took a chance and stepped behind the camera for Gone Baby Gone where he directed his brother Casey in the highly praised but unlucky timing held up release due to Madeline McCann disappearance. Staying behind the camera he brought us The Town which he did star in too which was also a very good film.

Ben Affleck is a good example on how Hollywood can welcome you with open arms but if you do a couple of bad films it will leave you to fend for yourself. Ben overcame all this and became one of the best directors in the business today along with a reliable performer.

Newguy87's Top 3

1. Armageddon
2. The Town
3. Dogma

Worst - Gigll

Ozzy's Top 3

1. Good Will Hunting
2. The Town
3. The Company Men

Worst: Daredevil

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