Friday, 3 August 2012

Alphas Season 2 Episode 2 'The Quick And the Dead' (TV)

The team are back together, but not yet comfortable with the increased number of government officers in the office. Gary is struggling the most with the change, while Rachel is busy cleaning her office to the standard she can cope with her ability. 

With Cameron and Nina split seemingly for good Cameron has moved on and started seeing Dr Rosen daughter Danielle (Kathleen Munroe) He is trying to keep it as a secret but Gary's ability is stopping that.

Danielle is working along side Stanton Parish which is giving him a Magneto feel. This weeks Alpha is Eli (Thomas C Howell) who has super speed, he is desperate to find answer to why he has aged so fast this leads to a confrontation with Dr Rosen.can the Doctor help before it is too late?

This season is building up nicely with a potential three way war beaten Stanton Parish, The Government and Dr Rosen Alphas. seeing Thomas C Howell guest starring was good as he is a Sci Fi cult hero.

My Rating 9/10

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