Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Alphas Season 2 Episode 3 'Alpha Dogs' (TV)

With Nina's exit the team is still getting back into routine especially Gary who has introduced a new component to his daily routine, he screams for ten seconds before breakfast leading to his mother getting worried. Dr Rosen tries to help deal with the situation by letting him make a decision to move out.

Elsewhere there is a new tactical leader in John Bennett (Steve Byers) who upsets Rachel with his cologne, but working together things get resolved. Hicks and Bill work along with the two to go undercover in an Alpha fight club hunting for a potential suspect in a murder case, an alpha who can spit hydrochloric acid. Bill meets Kat (Erin Way) who guides him in controlling his ability without the side effects.

Filled with flashbacks of how Stanton Parish learned of his true ability in the Civil War, where a doctor helped learn of his regenerator powers.

Another great episode building each character and showing their good sides, along with giving the villain of the piece Stanton Parish some building ground to potential union with Dr Rosen or showing where the two could learn from each other to gain an upper hand in the war Parish predicts.

My rating 9/10

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