Saturday, 11 August 2012

Season of the Witch (2011)

Director: Dominic Sena

Writer: Bragi F Schut

Starring: Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman and Claire Foy

Story: Behman (Cage) and Felson (Perlman) are 14th century knights fighting in the crusades against God's enemies. After storming a city and realising that they are killing innocent people, they both defect and go their own way.

However they are captured and given an opportunity to redeem their defection. They are tasked with the transportation of a suspected witch (Foy). However all is not what it seems.

They journey across sea, desert an land facing many treacherous passes and evils, fighting of blood thirsty wolves and the witches powers. Sadly they lose several companions on their way.

Finally they reach their destination ad the truth about the witch is revealed. She is really a demon and hell is unleashed upon them all. Will they survive and banish the demon back to short yes but not without the death of Behamn, who fought to save a girl he didn't even know.

Verdict: A gripping tale of courage and defiance is a definite to keep you on the edge of your seat through out this film. There are a few flaws and it is not the best made film but the action and storyline are enough to not even notice.

Story rating: 8.2/10

Cast rating:
Nicolas Cage - 8.9/10
Ron Perlman - 8.4/10
Claire Foy      - 9.1/10

Director rating: 6.4/10

Star Performance: Claire Foy portrays her character well and is able to adapt from witch to demon and then to a normal girl once she has been released.

My rating - 9.3/10
Newguy87's rating 65% 


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