Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Nines - Top 9 Favourite Actors

This is my top 9 favourite actors (I will be doing an Actress and Director one in the future) This list is based on actors who's performances are entertaining and enjoyable. To qualify for this there has to be FIVE characters played on both TV and Film.


Leonardo Dicaprio

Usually the guy who will get a blockbuster ever since he broke through in Titanic, he has gone on to make some of the best films in recent years.

Best performances
1. Teddy Daniels - Shutter Island
2. Cobb - Inception
3. Billy - The Departed
4. Frank Abagnale Jr - Catch Me if You Can
5. Arnie Grape - What's Eating Gilbert Grape?


Ryan Reynolds

Usually plays a comic character even in his more serious films, but has proven more recently he can play a more serious role to a good level.

Best performances
1. Gary/Gavin/Gabriel - The Nines
2. Mr D - School of Life
3. Will Hayes - Definitely Maybe
4. Van Wilder - Van Wilder Party Liaison
5. Berg - Two Guys And A Girl


Matt Damon

Matt rose to main stream after his brilliant written and starring role in Good Will Hunting before slowly slipping down the radar, That was until the Bourne series shot him back to A-List and he has never looked back.

Best performances
1. Jason Bourne - Bourne Trilogy
2. David Norris - The Adjustment Bureau
3. Colin Sullivan - The Departed
4. Mike McDermott - Rounders
5. Loki - Dogma


Nathan Fillion

This maybe a surprise for some but as a pure entertainer Nathan has a string of hit with the clear top of the pile being the short lived and hugely loved TV series Firefly. He main not have made an impact on Hollywood yet, there is still time.

Best performances
1. Captain Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly/Serenity
2. Johnny Donnelly - Two Guys And A Girl
3. Bill Pardy - Slither
4. Captain Hammer - Dr Horrible Sing Along
5. Richard Castle - Castle


Heath Ledger

The tragic story of Heath is one that everyone will remember he was about to become one of the best actors in the business after his portray of the Joker before his sudden death. He is a star that never shone as bright as he was meant too.

Best performances
1. Joker - The Dark Knight
2. Patrick Verona - 10 Things I Hate About You
3. Ennis Del Mar - Brokeback Mountain
4. Harry Feversham - Four Feathers
5. Dan - Candy


Dwayne Johnson

Ever since he left the wrestling industry Dwayne has become a household name in the action star role and now he has finished his stint with Disney he is back where he belongs Kicking Ass.

Best performances
1. Luke Hobbs - Fast Five
2. Sean Porter - Gridiron Gang
3. Joe Kingman - The Game Plan
4. Boxer Santos/ Jericho Kane - Southland Tales
5. Hank - Journey 2 The Mysterious Island


Bruce Willis

Bruce is one of the best acting action stars in history he has proven he isn't just a muscle man ass kicker he does have a sensitive side and has pulled of nearly every genre of film to date.

Best performances
1. Harry Stamper - Armageddon
2. John McClane - Die Hard
3. Dr Malcolm Crowe - The Sixth Sense
4. James Cole - Twelve Monkeys
5. Jeff Talley - Hostage


Cillian Murphy

Another surprise on the list here you will know his face but many won't know his name. This Irish actor has shot to fame after his break out role in 28 Days Later before picking some very good indie film before his turn up in Batman saga.
Best performances
1. Dr Crane - Batman Begins
2. Jim - 28 Days Later
3. Jackson Rippner - Red Eye
4. Robert Capa - Sunshine
5. Robert Fischer - Inception


Joseph Gordon-Levitt

From indie darling to A-list superstar, well that is where he should be at the end of the year, After taking a break from acting after 3rd Rock From The Sun he had to get back into the business the hard way with some very brave roles in Mysterious Skin, Brick and Havoc. Soon after he was a lead actor before big supporting roles in Christopher Nolan's Inception and Dark Knight Rises where he steals the show.

Best performances
1. Brendan - Brick
2. John Blake - Dark Knight Rises
3. Adam - 50/50
4. Tom - 500 Days Of Summer
5. Hesher - Hesher


  1. One actor I would of included would have been Kiefer Sutherland. The brilliant portrayal of Kack Bauer in the hit tv series 24 was perfect and his current role in Touch is different yet perfect for him. Aled H

    1. Kiefer is good and Jack is one of the best characters from Tv but need 5 top performances for the list, what else would you include?