Wednesday, 20 February 2013

An American Tail – The Mystery of the Night Monster (1999) [Review]

Directed by - Len Latham

Written by - David Kirschner & Len Uhley

Voiced by - Thomas Dekker, Lacey Chabert & Jane Singer

Story/Plot - The Mystery of the Night Monster, and I am very glad that I did. This is pure cartoon animation at its best before we got into the world of CGI and HD. Even thought this was released in 1999 and technology was booming then, this film ranks as one of the best in cartoon from that time (that is my opinion). I feel if we used todays technology to remaster this it will ruin that experience of what a pure cartoon is.

Right onto the film itself. We follow on the adventures of a young mouse called Fievel Mousekewitz (note the pun in the surname) and his family and friends. This is the fourth installment in the An American Tail series.
A terrible monster has started to terrorise the mouse city and is mousenapping (excuse the pun) the residents. Fieval scared from all of this is having nightmares and can hardly sleep until one day his parents make his sister take him to work at The Daily Nibbler (again note the pun) where Fieval meets the wonderful reporter Nellie Brie (a cheese reference there, mmm brie on crackers, hold on better get back to the review). Fieval joins Nellie on her travels to get the facts about the monster and to help Fieval counter his fears.

The encounter the psycho poodle named Madame Mousey (I don't see a pun involving mice there) who little do they know is the mastermind behind the mystery withe the help of a gang of mouse hungry cats. Fieval is helped along his journey by his friend Tony Toponi and a cat called Tiger who is actually a massive coward.

Once they know that Madame Mousey is the spearhead for the mysterious monster Fieval, Nellie, Tony and Tiger take on the pooch and her feline friends to save the city from being eaten. The cats are chased out of town by a the dog high counsel and Mousey is returned to her owner which is a higher punishment for her than being put in the dog pound. The mouse community can live on happily and with no fear once again!!

My verdict - The characters have been written in to this in a way that compliments the screenplay to the highest degree. the actors who are the voices for the characters are able to get into their character so well and their voices match the personality set to the character.

I recommend the whole series of An American Tail to everyone of all ages. This is not just a family film but a fun, thrilling and action filled cartoon. I urge you to rent this, buy this or watch online legally via a reputed rental/film site.

Ratings -

Story - 9/10

Cast - 9/10

Director - 9/10

Overall - 9/10    

Trailer -

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