Thursday, 21 February 2013

Love (2011)

Director: William Eubank
Writer: William Eubank (Screenplay)
Starring: Gunner Wright

Story: In the year 2039 an astronaut Captain Lee Miller (Wright) losing contact with Earth. He is alone in space and as time passes and his life support slowly dwindle he must battle to maintain his sanity just to stay alive. His world is claustrophobic but he makes a strange discovery upon his own ship.


Thriller: It is a slow builder but once it has you in you just have to watch until the end (9/10)

Sci-Fi: Strong simply science fiction elements  (9/10)

Music: All music is by Angels & Airwaves nice sound for the scenes (9/10)

Settings: Very good claustrophobic setting creates a great atmosphere  (9/10)

Suggestion: It is different, simple but very effect compared to all the over the top sci-fi films out there. (9/10)

Best Part: The space walk

Worst Part: Can be hard to follow

Star Performance Gunner Wright

Favourite Character Captain Lee Miller

Trivia: Angels and Airwaves produced the film

Similar Too: Moon

Overall: Brilliantly put together story of being unable to communicate with someone can slowly take a man to his limits. A rare film experience that you won’t find in a Hollywood blockbuster, this will make you think more but it really is worth watching as you will be inspired by the story.

Rating 88%

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