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The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey (2013)


Directed byPeter Jackson
Written by – Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Peter Jackson, Guillermo del Torro & JRR Tolkien

Starring – Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett & Richard Armitage

Story/Plot – Bilbo Baggins (Freeman) is just another ordinary and boring hobbit from The Shire, until one day an old man dressed grey comes to visit him. Here we meet Gandalf the Grey (McKellen) who in his mischievous way manages to persuade Bilbo to live a bit and go on an adventure with a group of dwarves. So they set out from The Shire and head on their way. Little do they know that on the way the will meet orcs on wargs and the fearsome pale orc. Seriously, Tolkien made a whole language and yet the bad guy is simply called the pale orc?? Anyway, back to the story. As well as meeting orcs and fighting orcs the come across a group of trolls who attempt to cook and eat the dwarves. Luckily for them Bilbo manages to stall and Gandalf comes to the rescue and the trolls are turned to stone.

The adventurous group are chased by orcs and are rescued by a group of Elves. The group make their way to the Elven kingdom of Rivendale where we meet Galadriel (Blanchett) who has the nack of telepathically speaking to Gandalf. The things you could do with that power. The journey continues and the group ends up in the caverns of goblins where they fight to escape and Bilbo meets a creature who little did he know would shape the rest of his life and that of his nephew. For this creature he meets is Gollum and Bilbo acquires his “ring”. The escape the caverns and are ambushed by the pale orc and his disciples. Here Gandalf says something to a butterfly and the group are saved at the last moment by a flock of massive eagles. The journey can continue on to the Lonely Mountain………………………….

My verdict – I loved this film, amazing effects and acting has made this a must watch film. Peter Jackson has a gift in turning a book into a film. This man is a genius and a film God.

Ratings – 10/10

Story – 10/10

Cast – 10/10

Director – 10/10

Overall – 10/10

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