Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Continuum - Season 1

Title - Continuum

Season - One

Number of episodes - 10

Episode length - 44 minutes

Who directed it? - John Cassar, David Frazee, Mike Rohl, Pat Williams, Rachel Talalay, Paul Shapiro and William Waring

Who wrote it? - Simon Barry, Andrea Stevens, Floyd Kane, Johnathan Walker, Jeremy Smith, Jeff King, Sam Egan and Sara B Cooper

Who's in it? - Rachel Nichols as Keira Cameron, Victor Webster as Carlos Fonnegra, Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler, Stephen Lobo as Matthew Kellog, Lexa Doig as Sonya Valentine, Omari Newton as Lucas Ingram, Roger R Cross as Travis Verta and Luvia Petersen as Jasmine Garza to name a few.

What is it about? - The year is 2077 and a group of terrorists known as Liberate have killed thousands of people and have been sentenced to die. However they have other plans and use a time travel device to escape to the year 2012, however they have one problem. CPS agent Keira Cameron is sucked into the time travel and makes it her mission to stop history being altered and to get back home to her son. Along the way Keira befriends Detective Carlos Fonnegra in the Vancouver PD and manages to lie her way into a job acting as an agent for the illusive Section Six. We meet Alec Sadler as a teenager, many years before he becomes the greatest mind on earth and creates technology so advanced. Alec along with Keira and Carlos, do everything the can to stop Liberate, however Carlos still doesn't know that Keira is not all she seems. The series ends on a bang with Liberate planning to make a statement.

Why should I watch this series? - If you are into scifi dramas then this series is for you. I was gripped from episode one and found every instalment as enjoyable. There is plenty of action and the storyline will keep you wanting more.

Is it any good? - This season was awesome and I recommend it to everyone

How do you rate it? - 9.5/10

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