Sunday, 28 September 2014

Striking Distance (1993)

Title - Striking Distance

Year of release - 1993

Genre - Crime/Action

Length - 1 hour 42 minutes

Rating - 15

Director - Rowdy Herrington

Writer(s) - Rowdy Herrington and Marty Kaplan

Who is in it? - Bruce Willis as Detective Tom Hardy, Sarah Jessica Parker as Jo Christman, Dennis Farina as Captain Nick Detillo and Tom Sizemore as Detective Danny Detillo to name a few

What's is about? - Tom Hardy is a fifth generation cop who following the death of his father after a high speed pursuit, finds himself fighting for his career and fighting his uncle who is now the captain. Hardy is adamant that another cop killed his father and is killing the women from Hardy's past. Now a river rescue cop Hardy is partnered with Christman who is actually an undercover internal affairs officer sent in by Hardy's uncle. However she falls for Hardy and ends up being kidnapped. Can Hardy save her and uncover the truth?

Is it any good? - In short, no, no it's not. It has its moments but my views of this film are as low as SJP's cleavage was during the policemans ball scene, very low.

Why should I watch it? - You shouldn't in all honesty. Sorry Bruce.

My rating - 4/10

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