Saturday, 6 September 2014

The Numbers Station (2013)

Title - The Numbers Station

Year of release -

Genre -

Length -
1 hour 29 minutes

Rating -

Director -
Morgan O'Neill

Writer(s) -
F. Scott Frazier

Who is in it? -
John Cusack as Emerson Kent, Malin Akerman as Katherine, Liam Cunningham as Grey, Richard Brake as Max, Bryan Dick as David, Lucy Griffiths as Meredith to name a few.

What's it about? -
Emerson Kent (Cusack) is an ex black ops operative from the CIA who following a messed up mission has been disgraced and sent to protect a code operator at one of the agencies secret numbers stations. What seems a simple and mundane task, Emerson could never foresee what events were about to unfold. On arrival with the code operator for what would have been a normal days work, they are ambushed and take refuge in the station with a fight for their survival on their hands. After calling for assitance but realizing it would never come, Emerson and Katherine (Akerman) do all they can to ensure their safety and break free from the team who have plotted against them.

Is it any good? -
The Numbers Station is an ok film to pass the time with a decent story line and a lot of action, however it isn't the best film out there. Nevertheless it is worth a watch.

Why should I watch it? -
If you have a spare hour and a half and want an action film to fill that time then this is the film for you.

How do you rate it overall? - 7/10

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