Wednesday, 8 October 2014

21 (2008)

Title - 21

Year of release - 2008

Genre - Crime/Drama

Length - 2 hours 3 mins

Rating - 12A

Director - Robert Luketic

Writer(s) - Peter Steinfeld, Allan Loeb and Ben Mezrich

Who is in it? - Jim Sturgess as Ben, Kevin Spacey as Mickey Rosa, Kate Bosworth as Jill, Jacob Pitts as Fisher and Laurence Fishburne amongst others

What's it about? - An interesting look into the world of counting cards and the consequences surrounding it. Ben (Sturgess) is welcomed into a group of people headed by Micky (Spacey) and soon learns the ropes. After a while Ben just can't say no and blows it all bringing them to the attention of casino security led by Cole (Fishburne)

Is it any good? - A decent film to pass just over two hours of time. Great action scenes and a plot to keep you immersed.

Why should I watch it? - Full of intense action and a great storyline, this is a must watch film. Plus Kate Bosworth is in it. This film won't disappoint.

How do you rate it overall? - 8/10

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