Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

Title - A Scanner Darkly

Year of release - 2006

Genre - Animation/Sci Fi

Length - 1 hour 40 mins

Rating - 15

Director - Richard Linklater

Writer(s) - Philip K Dick & Richard Linklater

Who is in it? - Keanu Reeves as Bob Arctor, Rory Cochrane as Charles Freck, Robert Downey Jr as James Barris & Winona Ryder as Donna Hawthorne to name a few

What's it about? -  It has a totally whacked up story line where everyone is on a drug called Substance D and doesn't know who they are. Even an undercover cop starts to get hooked and slowly loses his identity.

Is it any good? - I bought this film as it was cheap in Asda and had no idea what it would be like, could say was in impulse purchase. Anyways when I watched I was really amazed at how brilliant it was.

Why should I watch it? - A must watch if I am perfectly honest. I don't normally go into the animated side of films but I was taken aback at the wonderfully written story line and the screen play.

How do you rate it overall? - 10/10

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