Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Nothing But The Truth (2008)

Title - Nothing But The Truth

Year of release - 2008

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Length - 1 hour 48 mins

Rating - 15

Director - Rod Lurie

Writer(s) - Rod Lurie

Who is in it? - Kate Beckinsale as Rachel Armstrong,  Matt Dillon as Patton Dubois, Alan Alda as Albert Burnside, Vera Farmiga as Erica Van Doren and David Schwimmer as Ray Armstrong to name a few.

What's it about? - Rachel Armstrong (Beckinsale) is a journalist who has uncovered that following an attack by America in retaliation to an attack on them was launched on the wrong country. In her article Rachel outs the member of the CIA who was in Venezuela and was the one who confirmed they were not responsible for the attack on America, to which the President ignored this information.

Rachel is swiftly picked up by the FBI and questioned by Patton Dubois (Dillon) who is a federal prosecutor. Following trials and several attempts to get Rachel to reveal her source of information, she is sent to jail until she is ready to reveal her source. However time keeps going by where Rachel does not reveal any information and she spends nearly a year in jail until she is released after the judge decides that she is not going to reveal her source.

Shortly after being released she is then arrested by the US Marshals and is given the opportunity to again reveal her source, to which as no surprise she does not do so. She must now spend 2 years in prison. The viewer is then shown a flashback and the source is revealed as someone you would never have thought of.

Is it any good? - This is a very gripping film, as you follow Rachel through the whole debacle following the aftermath of her story.

Why should I watch it? - If you love a film full of suspense and something to keep you guessing then this is a must for you.

How do you rate it overall? - 9/10

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