Wednesday, 21 January 2015

12 Rounds (2009)

Title - 12 Rounds

Year of release - 2009

Genre - Crime/Action

Length - 1 hour 48 mins

Rating - 12A

Director - Renny Harlin

Writer(s) - Daniel Kunka

Who is in it? - John Cena as Danny Fisher, Aiden Gillan as Miles Jackson, Ashley Scott as Molly Porter, Steve Harris as George Aiken and Brian White as Hank Carver to name a few.

What's it about? - Officer Danny Fisher (John Cena) is picked up by his partner and they go about their daily duties, when they get called in to help find and apprehend villain Miles Jackson (Aiden Gillan). A chase is started and Danny catches Miles and his girlfriend, however his girlfriend runs and is hit by a passing SUV and is killed instantly.

A year later and now Detective Fisher, Danny has to get the plumber over and the action begins. Molly (Ashley Scott) leaves for work, leaving Danny with the plumber. Danny's cell phone rings and on the other end is Miles who has managed to escape from prison and is on a mission. Molly has been kidnapped, Danny's house has been blown up killing the plumber and the start of a game has begun. A game of 12 rounds, each round Danny must succeed in order to see Molly again.

As Danny progresses through the rounds, causing mayhem and the deaths of a few of his friends and colleagues, he suddenly realises that the rounds are set up to give Miles certain tools and aid to carry out a robbery from the federal mint. Now with this information Danny is on the hunt to catch Miles before he leaves the country and kills Molly. Miles forces Molly to fly a helicopter to aid his escape but doesn't count on her stalling and giving Danny the chance to jump onto the helicopter and subdue Miles. A fight on the helicopter ensues and the helicopter loses hydraulics.

Who will survive...................................

Is it any good? - A brilliant action thriller with plenty of explosive action within. The stunts are realistic and the chases have that feel of reality to them.

Why should I watch it? - A must watch for any fan of WWE star John Cena and anyone who loves films jam packed with action and explosions.

How do you rate it overall? - 8/10

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