Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Title - Hot Fuzz
Year of release - 2007

Genre - Comedy

Length - 2 hours 1 min

Rating - 15

Director - Edgar Wright

Writer(s) - Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg

Who is in it? - Simon Pegg as PC Nicholas Angel, Nick Frost as PC Danny Butterman, Bill Bailey as Sgt Turner, Peter Wright as Roy Porter and Joe Cornish as Bob to name a few.

What's it about? - PC Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is at the top of his game. He has high arrest rates and has reduced crime. However, those above him are worried that if he stays in London he will continue to make them and the rest of the London police force look really bad. As a result of this PC Angel is pushed out of London and into a sleepy Gloucstershire town of Sandford.

Now Sergeant Angel, he teams up with a hapless PC named Danny Butterman whose father is the towns chief of police. The Sandford police force seems to have a way of punishment for inhouse problems, and that is cake and ice cream.

Out and about on their daily duties Danny is constantly asking Nicholas about aspects of his previous action in London, curious to see what happens outside of a law abiding town. Or is it really a law abiding community.

Two actors are decapitated in a road traffic collision, which the community and police are branding an accident. Sgt Angel on the other hand has his doubts, doubts which are soon added on by further deaths in the community. Sgt Angel is pushed out of town by the so called neighbour hood watch.

On his return Sgt Angel with PC Butterman by his side take on the neighbour hood in a shoot out. Only one side can be victorious.

Is it any good? - Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have a brilliant on screen relationship and can bond their characters into what the writers have portrayed. They compliment each other in different ways and make an excellent pairing.

Edgar Wright has co written and directed a comedy masterpiece and a film that will continue to be loved for decades more.

Why should I watch it? - I will always reccomend Hot Fuzz for everyone to see. From filling a dull rainy afternoon to a film you watch with a loved one and beyond. If you want to laugh and I mean laugh, you must watch Hot Fuzz.

How do you rate it overall? - 10/10

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