Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Interstellar (2014)

The winner of the SofaWatch 2014 Movie Awards 2014 Soundtrack went to the outstanding Interstellar.

Title - Interstellar

Release - 2014

Genre - SciFi/Adventure

Length - 2 hours 49 minutes

Rating - 12A

Director - Christopher Nolan

Writer(s) - Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan

Who is in it? - Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, Mackenzie Foy as Murph, Ellen Burstyn as Murph, John Lithgow as Donald and Timothee Chalamet as Tom to name just a few.
What's it about? - The future is very bleak on a devastated planet earth. Drought, famine and poverty has hit and the weather has turned extreme causing a major change in climate. With the human race fast approaching its last days on earth a huge rip in the time continuum has appeared and gives a chance to turn fortunes around. A group of explorers is banded together and the must travel as far as possible to find a planet capable of sustains the human race. It is the job of this group to think beyond anything they have ever done before and some huge decisions must be made in order to save the human race.

Is it any good? - This film is amazing, the suspense and adventure is brilliant.

Why should I watch it? - The experience this film gives is beyond belief. Watch it and see.

How do you rate it overall? - 9/10

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