Friday, 16 January 2015

Jack Reacher (2012)

Title - Jack Reacher

Year of release - 2012

Length - 2 hours 10 minutes

Rating - 15

Genre - Crime/Action

Director - Christopher McQuarrie

Writer(s) - Christopher McQuarrie and Lee Child

Who is in it? - Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, Rosamund Pike as Helen, Richard Jenkins as Rodin, David Oyelowo as Emerson and Werner Herzog as The Zec to name just a few.

What is it about? - Five people are murdered by a sniper and an arrest is made quickly. When being questioned all the sniper writes down is "Find Jack Reacher". Cue the arrival of Reacher who meets Helen a lawyer who is going to fight for the sniper to not be put on death row. Reacher is going to leave but something compels him to stay and soon he is being targeted himself and discovers that not everything is as it seems. Together Reacher and Helen dig deeper and start to piece the puzzle together that her father is not really her father and things are not what they seem. Helen is kidnapped and it is down to Reacher to rescue her and bring the correct people to justice or six feet under.

Is it any good? - This film is great for crime and action lovers.

Why should I watch it? - This is by far one of Tom Cruises best films apart from the MI series. It has action, thrills and suspense all over and the story line is brilliantly written.

How do you rate it? - 9/10

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