Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sabotage (2014)

Title - Sabotage

Year of release - 2014

Genre - Crime/Action

Length - 1 hour 49 minutes

Rating - 15

Director - David Ayer

Writer(s) - Skip Woods and David Ayer

Who is in it? - Arnold Schwarzenegger as Breacher, Sam Worthington as Monster, Josh Holloway as Neck, Max Martini as Pyro and Mireille Enos as Lizzy to name a few.

What is it about? - A DEA special operations team are on mission to steal $10 million dollars from a drug cartels safe house. The plan is perfect, they breach, contain then steal. However all goes wrong when the money disappear. After an investigation which fails to find anyone at fault the team are back together. Unfortunately for them, they are being taken by one another as Pyro is killed following his RV being hit by a train. This causes an Atlanta PD detective to start to investigate and as more and more members of the team end up murdered in horrific ways, she is steered into the direction of who is to blame. However all is not as it seems.

Is it any good? - The action this film provides is brilliant.

Why should I watch it? Arnie, a load of guns and a car chase. What more do you need.

How do you rate it? - 9/10

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