Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thursday Movie Picks #29: All in the Family Edition - Married Couples Movies

This is my first go at this and is a bit late as it is Saturday but here are my top 3 movie picks for this week and the theme being All in the Family (Married Couples).

First up I am going for Mr and Mrs Smith

 John and Jane Smith (Brangelina) are nothing but a normal boring married American couple living in the suburbs. Little do they know that they each hide a shocking secret. They go about their daily lives, working run of the mill jobs, hold on a minute, who said being an assassin was run of the mill. Well secretly John and Jane are assassins working for rival companies. These companies task each Smith with a new target, their other half.

Next I have chosen Fireproof

Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron) is a highly decorated firefighter who after a major and daring rescue of a stranger suddenly realises that he has not been the husband he knows he should be. Holt turns to a self help book in a last ditch attempt to win back his relationship with his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea). Taken on a 40 day journey to save his marriage from divorce, along with the book Holt is guided through by his father.

Finally I have picked Date Night

Phil and Claire are a bedraggled married couple who are in need of something to spice up their somewhat boring lives. In order to do this they decide to pay a visit to a Manhattan bistro, however they get more than they bargained for when they are suddenly trusted into a thrilling night with the aid of a mad taxi driver, some corrupt police and the mob boss. They definitely have had some fun tonight.



  1. Hi there, glad to have you join in for this theme. Mr and Mrs Smith is the only one of your pick I've seen and that is good fun movie.

  2. Haven't watched Fireproff, seems interesting though :)