Monday, 9 February 2015

Beneath Hill 60 (2010)

Title - Beneath Hill 60

Year of release - 2010

UK Classification - 15

Genre - War/Drama

Director(s) - Jeremy Sims

Writer(s) - David Roache

Starring - Brendan Cowell as Oliver Woodward, Alan Dukes as Jim Sneddon, Harrison Gilbertson as Frank Tiffin, Steve Le Marquand as Bill Fraser and Gyton Grantley as Norman Morris to name a few.

What is it all about? - Follow the true story of Australian officer Oliver Woodward who must make the decision of war or love. It's the First World War and trenches are spread all across Europe, a secret platoon of tunnelers from the Australian Army is deep underground in a bid to change the direction of the war. Led by Woodward, covered in mud and dust, they tunnel their way through, fighting Germans who appear suddenly and cave ins. Planting explosives to ensure that the allied forces can claim victory.

Is it any good? - A beautifully told story, intertwining between life in the trenches and the days before Woodward leaves for Europe. The heartache of leaving his new love is portrayed well by Brendan Cowell, along with the bedraggled looks of war torn men.

Why should I watch it? - Any film based on a true story is always worth a watch, however Beneath Hill 60 is full of heart wrenching story and commoradarie. You can learn so much about the role played by these men during the war. The story has been portrayed perfectly well and the acting is spot on.

How do you rate it? - 8/10

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