Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday Movie Picks - Unrequited Love

This weeks topic is Unrequited Love (one sided love). My picks are -

Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is the emotional story written by Tim Burton and Caroline Thompson. Edward has spent many years after his creator passed on living in this castle on his own. To Edwards suprise one day a very kind hearted Avon lady comes to the castle and discovers Edward. She makes an on the spot decision and decided to take Edward home with her to her family. Edward is welcomed into the home and quickly becomes well liked by family and neighbors alike. However as time goes by all this quickly worsens for Edward and he finds him self in danger. Kim, Peg's daughter is able to see past everything and is able to fully understand Edward and her feelings towards him. Edward is again left to spend many years on his own in the castle.

500 Days of Summer

When tom falls for Summer he thinks it will be happily ever after, but he was wrong following the duration of the before, during and after of his relationship with Summer.

The Great Gatsby 

A Midwestern war veteran finds himself drawn to the past and lifestyle of his millionaire neighbor.


  1. Everybody seems to love 500 Days this week and it's certainly apt for the theme but I like your other choices more.

    That's a great way to look at Edward Scissorhands. That's such a distinctive movie and one of Johnny Depp's best performances.

    I didn't really care for this version of Gatsby, I haven't cared much for any of the versions-it's a tricky story to translate, but it's perfect for the theme. I don't know if Gatsby's love could ever be requited since he has idealized Daisy so much that even if he were to somehow end up with her he'd always be looking for her to be the woman he imagines her to be not who she was.

  2. Edward Scissorhands! Nice. 500 Days of Summer seems to be the winner today. Such a great movie! I couldn't get into The Great Gatsby. I love the novel, but this version just didn't work for me. Perfect pick though!

  3. Wow, never thought that Edward Scissorhands would be on this list. I personally think that Edward's love isn't unrequited it just...doesn't work. Oh well, everybody has different interpretation.

    1. I haven't seen Edward Scissorhands in a long time but that's what I thought too.

  4. Edward Scissorhands...such a great movie, probably my favorite Johnny Depp movie. (500) Days of Summer was excellent, I could watch that one over and over again. Haven't seen The Great Gatsby yet.