Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Airspeed (1999)

Title - Airspeed

Year of release - 1999

Genre - Action/Drama

Length - 1 hour 33 minutes 

Rating - PG

Director - Robert Tinnell

Writer(s) - Richard Goudreau, Roc LaFortune and Andrew Sands

Who is in it? - Elisha Cutherbert as Nicole Stone, Joe Mantegna as Raymond Stone, Don Jordan as Greg, Larry Day as Donovan and Russell Yuen as Mark to name a few.

What's it about? - When a 13 year old girl traveling on her parents jumbo jet, which subsequently gets hit by lightning, has to do everything she can to get on the ground safely. The pilot and copilot are knocked out with the bolt as well as the two other people on the plane. This leaves 16 year old Elisha Cuthbert to play the 13 year old girl and get to safety. The emotions flow and the frustrations show as everything they try goes wrong until bang something works and she lands the plane!!

Is it any good? - A great performance by a young Elisha Cuthbert, she gives a five star act.

Why should I watch it? - This film is full of drama and emotions and deserves a watch.

How do you rate it overall? - 9/10

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