Thursday, 5 March 2015

Arthur & George (TV 2015)

Having watched the first of the new ITV three part series Arthur and George in which we follow the story of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his assistant Woody during their investigations into the wrongful imprisonment of solicitor George Edaljii.

From the off the show is depicts the mutilation of a horse, the police then at the seen and then confusingly jumps straight to the police searching for George and then to his trial. No mention of him being investigated or interviewed. 

We then jump to Sir Arthur taking tea to his ill wife and then even more confusingly to a funeral which turns out to be his wife's funeral. Confused muchly.

The story then takes a twist to Sir Arthur receiving a letter from George in which he asks for help to cleat his name. Sir Arthur back with a spring in his step takes up the offer and meets with George to learn more about what was going on.

We learn a lot about the hate against George and his family and the creepy goings on that have been plaguing the Edaljii family. Including a dead bird in a milk churn and coins leading to a pitch forked animal. WTF I hear you saying, well that's exactly what I said.

Anyways, Sir Arthur and Woody go to meet the Edaljii family and read a number of letters from a very large collection that have been sent to the family with creepy content. During dinner Sir Arthur spots a person at the window listening and watching and takes chase discovering a doll place creepily in a ring of candles. I hear a WTF coming again. 

All I can say is this first show was creepy and confusing. Let's see what the next one brings.

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