Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The Hit List (2011)

Title - The Hit List 

Year of release - 2011

Genre - Action/Thriller

Length - 1 hour 30 minutes

Rating - 15

Director - William Kaufman

Writer(s) - Chad Law and Evan Law

Who is in it? - Cuba Gooding Jr as Jonas Arbor, Cole Hauser as Allan Campbell, Johnathan LaPaglia as Det. Neil McKay, Drew Waters as Mike Dodd and Sean Cook as Brian Felzner to name a few.

What's it about? - The idea of the film is mediocre. The plot is that a very unhappy and agitated man has a drinking session and thinks up a hit list of those he wishes to be terminated. Once he realizes what he has done he is forced to race against the clock to warn and hopefully save those that he has marked for extinction, but bodies are appearing and the blame is being pointed to him.

Is it any good? - As mentioned by Mr Steve N Allen on 107.5 Time FM The Hit List is in fact rubbish. Actually it does not even deserve the word rubbish. I think absolute ball sack is more suited to this film. Take a listen to what Steve said

Starring Cuba Gooding Jr who should be ashamed for starring in this film along with Cole Hauser and Johnathan LaPaglia.

Why should I watch it? - You shouldn't

How do you rate it overall? - 2/10

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